Decorative Concrete Specialists Ltd takes immense pride in offering such a large range of pattern imprinted concrete possibilities. Our vast spectrum of concrete designs and colours can provide you with great quality paving suitable for various needs, from driveways and patios to commercial and industrial settings.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – the perfect cost effective solution to all your paving requirements.

Your Driveway

Your Patio

Your Business

The pattern imprinted concrete gateway to your home. A private area to entertain your friends and family. Pattern imprinted concrete with your company logo.

Colours and Patterns

We can create pattern imprinted concrete designs which replicate natural surfaces. Our collection of colours and patterns are essentially unlimited, allowing a pattern imprinted concrete to be personalised to your requirements. Stone, cobbles, timber, slate or brick? They are just some of the natural materials we can realistically replicate, often using our multi-blends of different colours to customise the pattern imprinted concrete to fit in with your home and garden.

The design flexibility of pattern imprinted concrete ensures we can use our creativity and produce a paving installation that blends harmoniously with almost any landscape or architecture. We can also create designs using contrasting colours and patterns in order to designate different areas of use, such as a barbeque area or patio seating area. Our designers and surveyors have a wide range of experience and they will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect blend of functional and aesthetic qualities.

In most cases, the pattern imprinted concrete installation has a second colour applied during the sealing stage in order to create an antique look for a more realistic appearance. Pattern imprinted concrete has lots of advantages over natural stone pavements. It offers greater design flexibility, more durability and no weeds, and is much more cost effective. Once your pattern imprinted concrete installation has been installed by vastly experienced Decorative Concrete Specialists installation teams it will enhance your home and garden perfectly.


Aesthetic Design Features

Years of experience mean our designers and surveyors will ensure that your pattern imprinted concrete patio or driveway is designed with lots of care and attention. Our priorities are your requirements and we listen intently to your needs for shape, size and colour. We deliver the ‘timeless’ experience of not only listening, but by also adding a special something to your installation.

We take a lot of pride in designing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio as we know it will become an integral part of your home and garden. We understand that your driveway or patio needs to be integrated to your home and garden and we do so by blending the hard landscaping of the driveway and patio areas with areas for soft landscaping such as flower beds against borders, planting areas for specimen trees and shrubs or feature gravel and shingle areas, perhaps with ornamental alpine plants. Just picture it. A Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio – the finishing touch to your home and garden.


Steps and Ramps

We can form steps for the pattern imprinted concrete installation you decide upon, whether rectangular, square or half moon shaped with a matching or contrasting pattern sculptured into it. We can use a semi firm concrete to form a shaped step or steps, or use a combination of steps and ramps in order to satisfy both disabled access requirements and building regulations. We can also apply non slip surface treatments to improve safety and a soldier course of cobble or brick effect border will be integrated into the pattern imprinted concrete design.

We will not install pre-cast concrete steps from a builders merchant as they would ruin a new design concrete pattern imprinted driveway or patio.

Drainage, Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Decorative Concrete Specialists will always operate in accordance with best building practice and we will not contravene building regulations, planning permission rules or local bye-laws. In most cases, building regulations and planning permission is not applicable for the installation of pattern imprinted concrete paving to a patio or front driver, however some rules do apply for householders wanting to pave over their front gardens. Planning permission is not required if a new driveway uses a permeable or porous surfacing which enables surface water to drain through, or if the rain water on a non-porous surface is directed to a lawn or border, allowing the water to drain naturally. If an existing porous surface larger then five square metres between the front of the property and the public highway is converted to a non-porous area like pattern imprinted concrete then planning permission is still not required, as long as surface rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to allow it to drain naturally, and not to the road or existing mains drains.

What is a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens are widely used in the United States and we introduced them to the United Kingdom in response to the new rules that were introduced in 2008. You may wonder what one is? Well,  rain gardens are depressions located along the edge of the pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio at a minor point. The depression can be filled with suitable plants to help slow run-off, or gravel or cobbles can be used as a decorative feature. See Aesthetic Design Features above.

in order to comply with the 2008 regulations Decorative Concrete Specialists will mostly use a combination of aco drains, French drains, land drains and soakaways. However, every pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio installation is different and our designers and surveyors can offer their best advice during a visit to your home. If planning permission is shown to be required, we will make an application on your behalf.

If manholes have to be replaced as part of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio installation,we prefer to use recessed tray covers. These are available in varying sizes and have either a five ton or ten ton rating depending on the type of traffic the new surface is used for. Recessed covers over manholes let our installers infill them with pattern imprinted concrete and colours, allowing it to match the area around the manhole. The pattern imprinted concrete recessed tray covers are much more attractive than a basic metal manhole cover and can be easily lifted for access and inspection of drains at a later date.

Building Regulations do not generally apply to paving, but we will need to ensure that any alterations made by New Design concrete do not make access to your home any less satisfactory than in its previous state.  As previously said, our designers and surveyors can advise you in regards to particular circumstances.

Concrete Crack Control Design

There are certain conditions in which concrete can contract or expand slightly, causing it to create a cracking of the surface. In order to address this problem our designers and surveyors ‘design in a number of precautions. We can arrange the pattern imprinted concrete designs to disguise crack control joints and with clever designs it can often enhance the appearance.  All crack control joints cut into pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios installed by Decorative Concrete Specialists will have the crack control joints filled with mastic, which where possible will match closely the colour of the new driveway or patio.

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