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The ability to shape, print and colour the surface of concrete allows you to be as creative as you like and design the patio of your dreams. You can have it as colourful, traditional, antique or modern as you like. Patios and pool surround areas allow the design capabilities and flexibility of pattern imprinted concrete to come to life.



Pool Surrounds

Patios Gloucester - Pattern imprinted concrete from Decorative Concrete Specialists Patios Gloucester, imprinted concrete, pattern concrete, driveways, Decorative Concrete Specialists UK Imprinted pattern concrete Patios and pool surrounds in Gloucester from Decorative Concrete Specialists
Whatever your requirements, Decorative Concrete Specialists can deliver
the perfect patio installation.
Low maintenance pathways to suit any surroundings to blend in seamlessly with your garden. A perfect choice for swimming pool surrounds, designed with safety in mind.

Our pattern imprinted concrete patio or pool surround can mirror the natural look of granite setts, cobbles, slate, stone, reclaimed brick, railway sleepers and timber boardwalks which unfortunately are not practical surfaces in their natural form due to their slippery and uneven surfaces. They also cost more then pattern imprinted concrete and are hard to manage. Realistically it would make sense to save yourself money and time whilst maintaining design and effect with Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete patios.

Patio Gloucester, pattern imprinted concrete, driveways, pathways, pattern concrete, Decorative Concrete Specialists


To ensure your experience with us is a pleasure we provide you with a free design consultation where our designers will work endlessly with you to create the patio or pool surround you have always wanted. We can incorporate designs such as circles, shapes and even initials that can make your patio look distinctive and bespoke. As well as different colours that can break up large areas and sections.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do that’s why our service is built on design and planning not pushy sales!

A patio can create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful environment for you, your family and friends. Imagine sat on a warm summers night in your secluded patio area with a fine table and chairs, the BBQ cooking your favourite food and a lovely bottle of red wine. What ever you see yourself doing on your stunning patio is your dreams and we wont take a single part of that away from you.

Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete patio area creates an ideal surface for patio tables and chairs. Unlike many other patio areas where the concrete and paving can be unstable, un-level and dangerous our pattern imprinted concrete patio is perfectly safe and stable as well as beautiful.

Decorative Concrete Specialists patios and pool surrounds……………………created by designers,
installed by craftsmen……..for you to enjoy!

See our Gallery for examples of work performed by our Installation Teams.

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