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Here at Decorative Concrete Specialists we offer the best selection of pattern imprinted concrete in the industry. We have a huge range of colours and designs, not to mention you can create your own and completely change your driveway, patio, commercial property or any other area where paving is needed.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – the perfect cost effective solution to all your paving requirements.

Your Driveway

Your Patio

Your Business

The pattern imprinted concrete gateway to your home. A private area to entertain your friends and family. Pattern imprinted concrete with your company logo.

Colours and Patterns

Our pattern imprinted concrete is extremely flexible and creative in terms of design and effect as it can replicate the form of any natural surface such as stone, slate, cobbles, brick and even timber. Our innovative approach means you can personalise your pattern imprinted concrete with any design, colour and surface you like.

We can multi-blend colours together to get the exact colour you want for your concrete or we can blend colours together to compliment the architecture of your home and the landscape of your garden, the choice is entirely yours.

Our designers and surveyors can go through all the different designs, patterns and colours with you in your free consultation. They will also show you how other customers have took advantage of the freedom they have for creativity and used personalisied patterns or colours to designate usage areas like a patio seating area, BBQ area or pool surround.

Pattern imprinted concrete has countless benefits compared to natural product pavings as it is more cost-effective, greater range of designs, durability, low maintenance and looks timeless once it is installed.

Aesthetic Design Features

We want to make your experience with us an absolute pleasure that’s why our designers and surveyors take special care in your consultation to take down each and every detail to give them to ensure they get it right. There’s nothing worse then someone messing up your ideas and you having to go through it all again. We take pride in designing your driveway or patio so when your neighbours come asking you can tell them with no hesitation that new Design Concrete did it for me. If you would like our designers and surveyors to add their own twist and creativity to your driveway or patio they have years of experience and an eye for detail, they can blend the hard landscaping of the driveway and patio areas with areas for soft landscaping such as flower beds against borders, planting areas for specimen trees and shrubs or feature gravel and shingle areas, perhaps with ornamental alpine plants.

Steps and Ramps

If you would like steps or a ramp featured in your design we can build any type of step whether its square, half moon or rectangular. We can also match the steps to your pattern imprinted concrete design and sculpt any design or pattern into it. If you would like the steps to contrast the rest of your design and stand out we can change the colours and design to your requirements.

We can form a shaped step or steps, in semi-firm concrete or a combination of steps and ramps to satisfy both Building Regulations or disabled access requirements. None slip surface treatments can be applied to improve safety and a soldier course of cobble or brick effect border will be integrated into the pattern imprinted concrete design.

Pre-cast concrete steps from a builder’s merchant would ruin a new Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio area…….so we don’t install them.

Drainage, Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Decorative Concrete Specialists always operates in accordance with best building practice and will not contravene planning permission rules, building regulations or local bye-laws.

In most cases of having a new driveway or patio installed does not require planning permission, however, from 1st October 2008 new rules apply for householders wanting to pave over their front gardens. You will NOT need planning permission if a new driveway uses permeable or porous surfacing which allows surface water to drain through, or if the rainwater on a non-porous surface is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally. If an existing porous surface of more than five square metres between the front of the property and the public highway is converted to a non-porous area such as pattern imprinted concrete, then planning permission is still NOT required providing surface rain water is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally and not to the road or to existing mains drains.

What is a Rain Garden?


Rain gardens are widely used in America and Decorative Concrete Specialists introduced them to the United Kingdom in response to the new rules introduced in 2008. Rain Gardens are depressions located along the edge of the pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio at a low point. The depression can be filled with suitable plants to help slow run-off, or gravel or cobbles can be used as a decorative feature. See Aesthetic Design Features above.

To comply with these regulations Decorative Concrete Specialists will generally use a combination of aco drains, French drains, land drains and soakaways. Nevertheless, every pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio installation is different and our designers and surveyors can offer best advice during their visit to your home. Where planning permission is shown to be required, we will make an application on your behalf.

Where manholes have to be replaced as part of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio installation, Decorative Concrete Specialists prefer to use recessed tray covers. These are available in several sizes and have either a five ton or ten ton rating depending on the type of traffic the new surface is used for. Recessed covers over manholes allow our installers to infill them with pattern imprinted concrete and colour it to match the area around the manhole. The pattern imprinted concrete recessed tray covers are much more attractive than a basic metal manhole cover and can be easily lifted for access and inspection of drains at a later date.

Building Regulations do not generally apply to paving, though we will need to ensure that any alterations do not make access to your home any less satisfactory than it was before. Again, our designers and surveyors can advise you in your particular circumstances.

Concrete Crack Control Design

In certain conditions concrete can expand or contract slightly which can cause cracking of the surface. As part of the design process for all pattern imprinted concrete installations by Decorative Concrete Specialists, all of our designers and surveyors take seriously the threat of cracking and ‘design in’ a number of precautions. The pattern imprinted concrete paving design can be arranged so as to disguise crack control joints and with clever design can often enhance the appearance. All crack control joints cut into pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios installed by Decorative Concrete Specialists will have the crack control joints filled with mastic, which where possible will match closely the colour of the new driveway or patio.

If your interested in our pattern imprinted concrete services in High Wycombe please call us today on 01793322098 or email us at enquiries@newdesignconcrete.co.uk
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