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When it comes to patios the design capabilities and flexibility of pattern imprinted concrete can be really exploited. The ability to shape, print and colour the surface of concrete, especially with antiquing effects, and the vast experience of our Design Consultants will help you to achieve the Decorative Concrete Specialists patio of your dreams.



Pool Surrounds

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Whatever your requirements, Decorative Concrete Specialists can deliver
the perfect patio installation.
Low maintenance pathways to suit any surroundings to blend in seamlessly with your garden. A perfect choice for swimming pool surrounds, designed with safety in mind.

The great thing about pattern imprinted concrete is it can replicate any natural surface including real granite setts, cobbles, slate, stone, reclaimed brick, railway sleepers and timber boardwalks and decking.Sadly these natural surfaces become impractical as they tend to get slippery, uneven, lose and grow weeds so you can be sure to occur high maintenance and installation costs. We can realistically replicate all of these natural surfaces much more cost effectively, with little or no maintenance and with none of the problems associated with them.


Landscaped Patio Area with Planters and Features

Landscaped Patio Area with Planters and Features

You design consultation is a complete free service to you. Our designers will work endlessly with you until you are happy and satisfied of the design you have chosen. They can give you guidance and advice so your patio or pool surround complements both your house and garden. You can incorporate different designs or colours to break up large areas which will make your patio look very attractive. We take pride in every aspect of our work and whilst others may want to sell as many square metres as possible, we will leave gaps where gaps look best… for curved planting areas, designed borders and areas for specimen trees. A service built on consultation and design, not just selling!

No matter what age you are, taking pride in your home and garden is important to you and having a place where you can completely relax is something each and everyone of us needs. What if that place was your patio? You can step into the garden, follow a path surrounded by beautiful flowers that leads you to a secret patio hidden away under the trees and roses. There you can read your favourite book, drink a good bottle of red, listen to your music, entertain guests and have dining parties and BBQ’s, the list is endless. With a pattern imprinted concrete patio this could all come true and you can have a place of tranquility and beauty within your own back garden.

Many of us will have experienced uneven patio furniture on sinking and slopping paving blocks, well with pattern imprinted concrete patios the level, non-slip surfaces provides and ideal surface for patio tables and chairs. And it’s safer for children too……………no tripping over sunken block paving, pot holes in tarmac or slipping on algae covered timber decking!

Decorative Concrete Specialists patios and pool surrounds… created by designers,
installed by craftsmen… for you to enjoy!

See our patios gallery for examples of the work undertaken by our installation teams.

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