Commercial Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Newbury

Patterned imprinted concrete looks great when applied to commercial, industrial, other business types and local authority applications.

At Decorative Concrete Specialists we can create any design, pattern and colour you like. We apply a colour surface hardener to fresh wet concrete and imprint textured imprinting mats to form a tough and attractive, wear resistance surface which is also slip and stain resistant.

This doubles the strength and standard of the concrete to ensure it is super safe, durable and stunning. If standard concrete can be used for roads, car parks, airport runways, bridges and even sea defences, just think what surface hardened pattern imprinted concrete can offer your organisation.

Petrol Stations

Petrol Station - Pattern Imprinted ConcretePattern imprinted concrete is perfect for petrol stations and stain resistant to boot!


Restaurant Paving - Pattern Imprinted ConcreteEasily cleaned, our surfaces are an excellent choice for busy restaurants and bars.

Heavy Trafficked Areas

Heavy Trafficked AreasA low maintenance option for councils, pattern imprinted concrete is the sensible choice.

Along with strength and durability our pattern imprinted concrete has huge qualities as it can replicate natural appearance of real granite setts, cobbles, slate, stone, reclaimed brick, railway sleepers, timber boardwalks and decking. Although these natural surfaces look great they are highly impractical as they tend to become slippers and uneven along with growing weeds which then involves high costs of installation and maintenance. We can realistically replicate all of these natural surfaces much more cost effectively, with little or no maintenance and with none of the problems associated with them.

Another great quality to pattern imprinted concrete is the level, slip and stain resistance surface which provides an ideal choice of surface for your organisation as it ensures no tripping over sunken bock paving or pot holes.

With the flexibility of design pattern imprinted concrete can produce your company logos, brands and designs into the concrete. Our designers and craftsmen have worked with a wide range of organisations across Europe, on projects including….

  • Petrol forecourts for B P
  • Roads and pathways for McDonalds and KFC
  • Test tracks for Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover
  • Areas around tramlines in Dublin
  • Shop and restaurant frontages
  • The promenade in the seaside resort of Filey inYorkshire
  • A garden film set used by BBC Television
  • International film sets (see links opposite)
  • The Cadbury museum

But one of the largest and most prestigious projects was the Rue de Luxembourg in Brussels. In the heart of Brussels, between the European Parliament and the Royal Palace, the Rue de Luxembourg had problems for a number of years with cobbles working loose caused by constant bus traffic. An area of 3,700 square metres was laid with pattern imprinted concrete and finished with a deep joint cobblestone design to match the surrounding streets.

Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete… created by designers, installed by craftsmen… practical and attractive for your organisation!

See our commercial gallery for examples of the work undertaken by our installation teams.

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