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Pattern imprinted concrete is the perfect solution for a premium driveway due to the strength and durability of the concrete surface, but patios and pool surrounds are areas where the design capabilities and flexibility of pattern imprinted concrete can be really utilised. Our ability to shape, print and colour the surface of concrete, especially with antiquing effects, and the vast experience of our Design Consultants will help you to achieve the Decorative Concrete Specialists patio of your dreams.



Pool Surrounds

Whatever your requirements, Decorative Concrete Specialists can deliver
the perfect patio installation.
Low maintenance pathways to suit any surroundings to blend in seamlessly with your garden. A perfect choice for swimming pool surrounds, designed with safety in mind.

The natural appearance of real granite sets, cobbles, slate, stone, reclaimed brick, railway sleepers and timber boardwalks and decking are all okay until you try to use them as practical surfaces. To avoid slippery and uneven surfaces with weeds growing through as well as the high cost of installation and maintenance of these natural products, you will do no better than a Decorative Concrete Specialists imprinted concrete patio or pool surround. We can realistically replicate all of these natural surfaces much more cost effectively, with little or no maintenance as well as none of the problems associated with them.

Our Design Consultants work alongside you – for as long as it takes – to create a patio or pool surround design which complements both your house and garden, bringing them seamlessly together. Our feature designs, such as circles and different coloured diamond sections, can be included to break up larger areas and create a distinctively attractive patio. We take pride in every aspect of our work and whilst other companies may want to sell as many square metres as possible, we leave gaps where gaps look best within your patio…..for curved planting areas, designed borders and areas for specimen trees. With service built on consultation and design, not just selling! Brick Red

Most of us fit under one of two categories, we either work long hours or we’ve earned a peaceful retirement. In either case, imagine an area solely dedicated to relaxation and entertaining, your very own personal ‘time out’ – with barbeques, summer evenings, drinks with friends, ‘al fresco’ dining. Consider a well designed path with flower borders, from your house to a quite secluded area where you can sit peacefully and read a favourite book. A Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete patio area, created with you in mind, offers you all this….and much more.

Pattern imprinted concrete patio areas are also brilliant for families. We’ve all experienced how patio furniture on sloping lawns and uneven, sunken block paved areas can cause issues. These level, non-slip surfaces which a Decorative Concrete Specialists pattern imprinted concrete patio area provides are the ideal surface for patio tables and chairs. And it’s safer for children too……………no tripping on sunken block paving, pot holes found in tarmac or slipping on algae covered timber decking!


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