Decorative Concrete Specialists Ltd take extreme pride in offering the widest range of pattern imprinted concrete with designs and colours to enhance your driveway, patio, commercial or any other area where premium quality paving is required.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – the perfect cost effective solution to all your paving requirements.

Your Driveway

Your Patio

Your Business

The pattern imprinted concrete gateway to your home. A private area to entertain your friends and family. Pattern imprinted concrete with your company logo.

Colours and Patterns

Replicate stone, slate, cobbles, brick and timber with the pattern imprinted services from Decorative Concrete Specialists. Offering a wide range of limitless patterns and colours, all personalised to your requirements. We also offer multi-blends of different shades to customise your pattern imprinted concrete to your home and garden. Due to the flexibility in design from pattern concrete, our designers use their creativity to ensure that the paving installation blends harmoniously with almost any type of architecture or landscape.

Our Pattern Imprinted Concrete designs are available with contrasting patterns and colours can be created to designate different areas of usage like a patio seating area, a barbecue area and a pool surround. Our team of designers and surveyors work alongside you to ensure that you get exactly what you imagined from your patio or driveway.

Decorative Concrete Specialists also apply a second colour during the sealing stage of their pattern imprinted concrete installation. This is done to create an antique look for a much more realistic appearance for your chosen design. There are huge advantages to pattern imprinted concrete compared with natural stone pavements, with them being more cost effective, offer greater design flexibility, they are more durable, don’t allow weeds through and once installed by the experienced Decorative Concrete Specialists team, will enhance you home and garden perfectly.

Aesthetic Design Features

The designers & surveyors from Decorative Concrete Specialists have a wealth of experience behind them when it comes to ensuring that your pattern imprinted concrete driveways or patios are designed correctly. Listening intently to your requirements, including size, shape and colour to ensure you’re getting the most premium service possible. We call this the ‘Timeless’ experience.

Here at Decorative Concrete Specialists, we take pride in designing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio, including soft landscaping such as flower beds against borders, planting areas for specimen trees and shrubs.

Steps and Ramps

Decorative Concrete Specialists form steps to your design, whether they be square, rectangular or half moon shaped and with a matching or contrasting pattern imprinted concrete design formatted within it. We can form a shaped step or any number of steps, in semi-firm concrete or a mixture of steps and ramps to satisfy both Building Regulations or disabled access requirements. None slip surface methods can be applied to improve safety and a soldier course of cobble or brick effect border will be integrated into the pattern imprinted concrete design.


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